Valley Security Systems

A Division of Innovative Building Systems Ltd. provides and installs a wide range of installation, security and monitoring solutions to keep you safe from intrusion, fire, mechanical, low temp and many other situations.

Valley Security Systems provides card access , apartment access systems like the Mircom TX3 product line and DSC for our security systems.

Innovative and ease of use technologies such as CCTV system with smart phone accessibility are also part of our ever expanding product line.

Tailored solutions

You can count on Valley Security Systems to tailor our solutions to best fit your needs and that you can take comfort in knowing that your safety and security is our utmost priority.

Access Control and Entry Systems

We install a wide range of Access Control Systems that can work as stand alone or networked solutions. With one of the industries most used Friendly Operating Software on the market allowing additions and deletions to the user or tenants.

TX3 provides the same platform for Apartment Entry and Card Access, so updating tenant info for the entry system and underground parking is a one step process.


We provide Surveillance Systems in mutli use applications, Retail, Industrial, Institutional, and Residential applications.

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