Nurse Call

Innovative Building Systems LTD. can provide custom MiCare Nurse Call Solutions

Nurse Call

MiCare Wireless Nurse Call is a Leading Edge Network that Saves You Time and Money

Not only is it fast and easy to install but there is little labour intensive wiring. This powerful wireless solution provides big advantages over typical wired systems:

Self Healing: Should one unit fail or lose power, other nearby units take over the notification task.

Self-Aware: As each unit becomes initiated, it begins communicating with all devices within its proximity.

Unified Protocols: This means you can communicate with any MiCare Peripherals or Beacons within the facility.

The Most Feature-Rich Wireless Nurse Call On The Market!

MiCare nurse call couples self-healing mesh networking technology with ultrasonic locating to accurately identify and respond to emergency events, ensuring that residents and patients receive the required level of care and security. MiCare provides the ability to customize features to the needs of specific facilities and users, making it an ideal solution for retirement homes, assisted living, long-term care and hospitals.

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